To Those with Aspiration....

To succeed is to never give up but some would say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result will result in simply that ‘giving up’.

How many times have you tried to get funding?  Is it the same answer?  No, No, No?

But you keep going.  We applaud that.  However, getting funding is very difficult, as you know, but here at Celta we will make you a promise right here, right now.  If we like your project, WE WILL FUND IT…

Celta Assets is whats commonly known as an ‘Angel Investor’.  We fund projects for a share in its equity and ultimately its exit.  The owners of Celta Assets have a philanthropic flair, by which they use their own money and, as long as the project is social, environmental, ethical and can be profitable, Celta is interested.





Typical Projects.

There are no stereotypical project types, we look at every project submitted. If we like it, we’ll fund it. Check out our ‘Projects’ page for more information.

Social Housing

We all know there is a massive housing shortage in the UK. We can help fund the building of new homes.

Leisure Facilities

As the nation seeks to become healthier, there are opportunities and requirements to build more health centres.


As the UK heads towards ‘Brexit’, investing in new manufacturing facilities could help make a difference to new and existing companies.

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, bio-mass and all renewable energy sources are here to stay. There will always be a need for it. We are looking for projects.

New offices

More and more quality office space is required. Whether its new or refurbished buildings, there is always a market.


With modern houses getting smaller, storage is an issue for some. Building or buying storage systems is a winner.

Mobile Phone App’s

This is an industry we’d like to get involved with. If you have an innovative new App development, get in touch.

It just keeps getting better!

We can’t live without it and the digital age is so young, so much more to design and develop. We want a piece of it.

Cars, Autonomous, what next?

There is a requirement for new showroom centres and soon we’ll be changing cars like we do mobile phones. We can help build them.

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