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250,000 administration fee will give you 1m within 60 days. Administration fee is underwritten by insurance

Financial Instruments

We provide and arrange delivery of certified BG (Bank Guarantee), SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) from Rated, Reputable World Top 100 Banks.

Private Consultations

Our Experienced Experts provide Independent and Confidential Private Consulting Appointments.

We specialise in the following!

Insurance Wrapping

This insurance offering is a value added product that allows Celta to enhance the clients confidence when dealing with vast sums of money.


To monetize is to convert an asset into or establish something as money or legal tender. We are specialists in this field.


We offer 2 Monetization settlement methods:Bank SWIFT – We use the Bank SWIFT Network or Euroclear


Whatever the instrument, we’re interested…

Funding Programs

250,000 admin fee, we will fund you 1m within 60 days, you can also use Euros.

Project Funding

We don’t judge whether its viable or not, thats entirely up to you, its your project and we’re delighted to help.

Massive Project Funding Facilities available,
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